Kanar GmbH (a liability limited company) – Your partner for all logistic demands

Reliable, on time, competent and safe, this is our claim as forwarding company with special competences in the Iraq. International transports with a sound network of reliable partners. The cooperations are grown over years and make the transport of goods possible on all five continents today.

In the International merchandise traffic our core competence consists of transports with the target market of Iraq.

Private persons can forward personal items, gifts and post by us.

In addition to the transport we take care for your necessary clearance of your goods in the different ports and airports.

Export and license documents as well as the clearance of the goods belong to this. Our special competence in the Iraq enables us to offer you the full customs clearance at all check points. To this also belongs the suppliance of the necessary approvals for the transit of your goods and products.

The execution of your transport order in due time is obvious for us. We have built up a strong International network over a long time for this. Rigid quality standards are obvious. The cooperation with our partners makes possible an area covering offer over all five continents.

Global Network
Rigid quality standards build the basis for an area covering suppliance with transport services together with our International partners.

via truck
on sea
via airfreight

We are forwarding all sorts of goods. No difference whether:

piece-goods (part freight)
full freight or
as well single parcels

Additionally we would be happy to resume any tasks concerning the documents:

concerning export
letters of transits, etc

Thus you are disburdened of several export tasks and can relinquish this tasks to us with great confidence.