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GeschäftskundenKanar GmbH (a liability limited company) – Your partner for all logistic demands

Our international forwarding company emphasizes the transportation of goods and products of any kind to the destination country Iraq. Thus we support – besides private clients – also a multitude of corporate customers. In doing so their respective articles will reach their destination fastly, in a reliable and safe way. Our company distinguishes itself by qualified and experienced employees which endeavor to follow and implement the requests of our clients anytime.

We as a company offer three opportunities for forwarding your commercial goods to the Iraq: The transportation can be made by truck, maritime freight or air cargo.

You have the choice
You have the choice
Additionally you as customer have the choice whether you would like to handle part loads or full loads. Whether your task is to let electrical appliances/goods, household articles, cosmetics or textiles be transported – it doesn’t matter. Due to the fact that we are offering the transport of commercial goods of any kind, we don’t make specifications in this case.

Global Network
Through our global network, we offer the following transportation:

truck transport
air freight
sea ​​freight

Additionally we would be happy to resume any tasks concerning the documents:

concerning export
letters of transits, etc

Thus you are disburdened of several export tasks and can relinquish this tasks to us with great confidence.