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Über UnsNowadays – where one can’t think or act in economical terms without knowing the meaning of globalisation – international networking is more than important to every enterprise.

Today a corporation is not able to survive unless its name is established not only on the regional but most importantly on the international market. This need implies building up and cultivating particularly international relationships to all actors on the market. Therefore being connected internationally is essential in order to become successful in business.
Our mission as a logistic company is to support other firms that are challenged with their logistic processes. To get a clear picture of what we do, here is a quick introduction to our offers:

Our target market is Iraq. Any firm can claim our services when it comes to issues like exporting delivery and carrying out documentary procedures such as licensing or customs.

We provide three different alternatives to transport the goods: by truck, ship, or plane.
Due to our effective and professional handling we guarantee the goods to be delivered punctually at the final destination.
Furthermore it is not relevant to us what kind of products need to be transported. They can be household articles, textiles or even medical equipments and their correspondent accessories. The order can be sent either as a part or a complete load.

In addition to our commercial clients, also private costumers have the opportunity to demand our services so we take the responsibility for transporting private goods as well. The goods can be various articles, presents or even mails, we take care about all of them and assure a safe and reliable transportation to Iraq.
Consequently it is our obligation to support everybody who likes to send something to Iraq.