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Kanar GmbH ® is a full service general trade and logistics company with a reliable
worldwide network. We built global supply chains, connecting your products to new markets and
enable you to be globally competetive.

Who we are

Today a corporation can only survive if its name is not only known on a regional level, but established on a global playingfield. This can only be achieved by building strong bridges, forging valuebale relationships and cultivating strong reliances with all participants on the global markets. Being connected internationally is crucial in order to become successful in business.

"Nothing fuels growth faster
than connecting the right people
with the right products."

Our mission as an internalional general trade and logistics company is to support other companies that are facing challanges in their global supply chain or logistic performance. We offer our services to any company that is in need of assistance with issues like exporting, delivery and carrying out documentary processes like licensing and customs procedures.

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General trade

Our international general trade and logistics company has in the last decade, built up an expertise in delivering the right products at the right time to the right markets. We are the reliable partner you are looking for to meet your goals and make your projects become a reality.

Network: Our global network has provided our customers with many opportunities which helped them to gain a footing in new markets and an edge over the competition. We believe in direct and open communication. This helps us to build the necessary bridges to give you the chance to participate in the right markets an reach your goal. We constantly grow our network and add new valueble contacts to our list of reliable partners for all different kinds of goods and services. Also we keep our already existing partners close to identify any opportunity that arises for them by the growth of our network. We can proudly state that we have successfully managed projects of different magnitudes with partners on every continent. And we are confident that we will continue to do so in the future.

The definition of trust is „assured reliance“. We strive to place unwavering trust in every bond we built.

Consulting: Listening and learning are two key components to a successfull consulting experience. That is why we always listen to your needs and ideas first. Then we structure the process around the actual execution. Solid yet customised and smart structuring of the expedient procedures always ensure a timely and successfull realization of your project. Clear and honest communication are another main component to our consulting process. Every project brings their own set of obstacles, however with our straight forward communication approach and our longterm operationbased experience we were always able to meet and even surpass the specified targets.

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Transport and logistics

Our logistics company has placed an emphesis on building a reliable global network. This gives us the ability to provide logistics solutions to our customers on all five continents. One of our strongest networks is with partners in the middle east. We offer logistic services and other assistance to our business partners aswell as private entities. Every place provides their own set of individual challanges. Our experience enables us to successfuly operate in those more trying environments and perform everywhere to the highest expectations for example in places like Iraq.

We always make it our duty to deliver your cargo on time to your chosen destination. This reliability in execuition can only be achieved with immaculate planning and trusted partners. If you wish to savely send your product or cargo to any place in the world, contact us!

We will gladly discuss any project and map out a plan for your success.

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